My name is Liz Agresta, and this is Shelf Absorbed, a book review/publishing news blog.

A little about me

I moved around a bunch as a kid, but I generally consider “home” to be upstate New York.1 I graduated from Trinity College in Hartford, CT, in 2011, and completed a master’s degree in publishing and writing from Emerson College in 2016. Between college and grad school, I spent a year in Daegu, South Korea, teaching high school English conversation classes. I’m now permanently settled just across the river from Boston, and I work at the MIT Press as a manuscript workflow assistant, where I prep manuscripts for editing, supervise freelance editors and indexers as well as a couple of interns, and occasionally edit a book myself. You can view my portfolio here, or follow me on Twitter, if you like.2

A little about the site

I started this blog as part of a project for an electronic publishing course I took at Emerson. By reviewing books I already own, I hope to whittle down the massive number of unread books on my shelves. Plus, I feel like I haven’t been thinking as critically about what I read as I should, and writing about what I read should help to alleviate some of that guilt. You should expect thorough discussion of the plot of any book I write about here—beware of spoilers! Some profanity may be used for emphasis as well.

I also (attempt to) publish a weekly digest of publishing news that would be interesting to people outside the trade. I think publishing news is really exciting, but a lot of the news is trade-specific; that is, most of it comes out in newsletters created for industry workers and booksellers, and is largely about numbers and personnel changes. So I think that keeping my ear to the ground and sharing the useful bits of that news with people who love books or are interested in pursuing publishing as a career (or publication, I guess) is good for everyone (me included—gotta keep up with what’s happening in the biz). Plus, there are lots of publishing events held in Boston and New York, so any time I attend one of those, you can expect to see something about it here!


The header image comes courtesy of Paul Hood on Flickr, and is licensed via Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. All book cover images are from Indiebound.


  1. The capital region, not Westchester County!!!
  2. I tweet primarily about politics, pop culture, and feminist issues, with some publishing commentary here and there. I also livetweet a bunch of my favorite TV shows because I aspire to be like Donna Meagle in all aspects of my life.